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What are The Connected Awards ?

The Connected Awards is a global awarding body to celebrate, appreciate and motivate tech experts and those who aid technological innovations.

How was I selected ?

The team selects individuals based on their resumes and activeness on LinkedIn.

Can I join during the contest ?

The team would not accept any individual to join the contest after we have closed the acceptance form.

Why do I need to pay the Operational Fee?

The fee covers administrative and operational expenses necessary to run the awards program effectively and fairly, including handling nominations, conducting voting, providing gift packs, and managing logistics.

When next is the award ?

As a global awarding body, the award will go around each continent, region and country. This means there is no specific time for your region's next edition but we will certainly come back after our global trip.

Who wins a category ?

The award winner is a contestant with the highest number of votes in a category.

How do I get my package ?

All gift packs are shipped to either the individual’s preferred location or a location accessible by the individual.

How is the grouping done ?

We group individuals based on their years of experience into promising, intermediate, exceptional and in rare cases, a fourth group for a highly exceptional individual with over 20 years of experience.

Who can attest for me ?

Any individual with a registered account on this website.

IS The Connected Awards credible ?

We have winners from all niches in the digital technology industry. Our competition is open, fair and transparent all our promises have been delivered with no excuses. We are credible!

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