The Criteria

Selection criteria for the connected awards

Residency:The nominee must be either an indigene of or a current resident in the edition region.

Impact:The nominee must have made visible contributions to the growth of technology, through innovations, research, and development, or other forms of impactful activities.

Career:The nominee must have an active career in a reputable company, with traceable contributions and impacts to the field of technology.

Reputation:The nominee’s reputation will be considered based on what people say about them, their educational and technical background, their skills, certifications, and licenses in the field of technology.

We will prioritize nominees who meet the above criteria and have demonstrated excellence and exceptional contributions to the tech industry. The nominees' impact on the industry will be evaluated based on their achievements, leadership qualities, innovation, and technical expertise. The selection team will also consider the potential for the nominees to influence the future of the tech industry positively.

The Connected Awards is committed to a transparent and rigorous selection process that ensures fairness and impartiality. We are also dedicated to recognizing and celebrating outstanding tech personalities who are making a difference in the world through their work and contributions to the industry.

The Future Editions

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