The West Africa Edition

West Africa Edition

The West Africa Edition of The Connected Awards has come to a successful end, with 18 winners emerging from 8 categories after a month-long attestation phase. The edition, which covered 16 countries in the region, attracted 5614 experts who were announced on the list, with 301 accepting to compete.

The attestation phase lasted from February to March and saw the team change the minimum accumulated attestations to the winning quota, meaning any contestant with attestations above the Winning attestations would be awarded a winner, although the quota varied.

The edition produced winners from various countries, including Ghana, Benin Republic, Senegal, and Cote'd Ivore, who had their first winners, and Nigeria. The awards also received a lot of praise and media publications, with the public applauding the organizers for providing a platform to showcase the talent in West Africa's tech industry.

However, as with every success, there are lessons to be learned, and the team received feedback on making the attestation process easier and improving the website interfaces. The Connected Awards is committed to being the most reputable tech personality awards globally and will continue to work towards achieving that goal.

With 91,549 attestations, the West Africa Edition is the first of the proposed three editions of 2023. The Connected Awards remains committed to its mantra of allowing the public to decide who is the best in various categories and will continue to provide a platform for tech experts to showcase their talent.

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