The North Africa Edition

North Africa Edition

The fourth edition of The Connected Awards kicked off in November 2022, with a focus on recognizing tech experts from or residing in the five North African countries: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, and Tunisia. The North Africa Edition had 100 contestants in seven categories, but after the three-week attestation process, we had only one winner - Oussama Zeddam from Algeria, who recorded 3,617 attestations.

Although the number of winners and attestations was lower than expected, we recorded a huge number of digital publications during the edition. However, after conducting a study, we realized that the timing and the platform provided for the edition were some of the major causes of the setback. We also noticed that some experts were more concerned about digital publicity than emerging as winners in their categories.

To regain our high acceptance level, we faced setbacks and worked on providing better interfaces, platforms, and a stronger customer support unit. We believe that our next edition will be more successful, and we are committed to providing the best possible platform for tech experts in North Africa to showcase their talent.

We understand that the tech industry in North Africa is rapidly growing, and The Connected Awards team is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the immense talent in the industry. We believe that with the right platform, we can help to create more opportunities for tech experts in the region.

The Connected Awards North Africa Edition had some setbacks, but we are committed to improving and providing better solutions for future editions. We thank all the contestants and attestaters who participated in the edition, and we look forward to the next edition, where we hope to celebrate more winners and their achievements in the tech industry.

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