The Nigeria Edition

Nigeria Edition

Techtrend Africa, now known as The Connected Awards, held its first edition in Nigeria, and it was a resounding success. The Connected Awards is an award-giving brand that recognizes and celebrates outstanding tech experts Globally. We changed our name due to our global expansion plan.

The Nigeria edition of The Connected Awards had 2571 tech experts on The List, which is a list of tech experts screened and deemed worthy of receiving the award. Out of 2571, 721 experts accepted to compete, and the winners were announced across 26 categories. The nomination process commenced in November 2021, and attestation started in December, ending in early January. The edition had no minimum or winning quota. Instead, the contestant with the highest number of attestations was awarded the winner in the category. The Nigerian edition recorded an impressive 393,423 attestations.

The first edition of The Connected Awards was widely accepted, and there were positive comments and constructive criticism that helped the brand improve in subsequent editions. Notable winners include Kelechi Mbah, David Nwosu, Ibironke Yekinni, and one of Africa's biggest fintech brands, Flutterwave. The Connected Awards maintained its transparency, and trustworthiness and delivered all its promises.

Right from the start, we are committed to transparency, and trustworthiness. We keep working to make subsequent editions bigger.

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