The African in Europe Edition

African in Europe Edition

The Connected Awards has successfully concluded its second edition for tech experts of African origin based in Europe, following the success of the Nigeria Edition. The event marked the first-ever tech personality awards for Africans living in all 44 European countries.

The announcement of The List saw 698 experts being recognized for their contributions to the tech industry in Europe, with 167 of them accepting to contest in the edition. The competition was fierce, with contestants from 17 African countries residing in various European countries. Notable contestants included Olaide Olaniyi, Dr. Osaru Agbonaye, Ahmed Adebiyi Oladapo, and Mohamed Lemine Beydia. After weeks of attestation, the people had their say to decide on winners in each category. There were seven winners across the 13 categories, with Yousra Nachchach becoming the first Moroccan to win the award and the first non-Nigerian to receive the award. The competition was tough, but the winners deserved their recognition.

The event started in May 2022 and ended in June 2022, and The Connected Awards team maintained its standard of transparency and delivered on its promises. All packages were sent to all the winners, and there were few setbacks in delivering to winners in France. The team has taken steps to prevent such occurrences in future editions.

The Africans in Europe Edition received 59,347 attestations, which is a testament to the growing interest and support for the tech industry in Europe. This event has shown that Africans in Europe are making a significant impact on the tech industry and that their contributions are being recognized and celebrated. The Connected Awards Africans in Europe Edition has been a great success, and the winners and contestants have set a standard that will inspire others to achieve greatness in the tech industry. The event has been a great platform to recognize and celebrate African talent in Europe, and we look forward to the next edition.

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